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Homemade chocolate recipe? Again homemade? You must be thinking of the extra work that I often suggest you do.

But if you plan well and manage to spend an hour extra in the kitchen once a week, you will be able to reduce 70% of the unnecessary sugar and chemical load from your diet. Trust me, you will be fascinated to see the result in terms of fitting of your clothes, pain and other nagging daily symptoms, skin and hair issues, and your overall blood parameters, etc.


Homemade chocolate recipe

Why homemade chocolate recipe? Why not popular brands?

We love chocolate. The pleasure we get by eating chocolate it’s heavenly, right? But do you know what you buy in the name of chocolate is nothing but mostly sugar and chemicals? Shocked? Check the ingredients.

The quality of chocolate depends on its cocoa percentage. You will be surprised to see that the most trusted brands in India have only 5-7% of cocoa in their milk chocolate and if it is the “healthy” dark chocolate then the percentage is between 30-40%. Rest? Sugar, chemicals, and more sugar.

Yes, you will get good chocolate in the market but they are often on the pricier side. So most people can’t think of those as a regular purchase. The best way to enjoy chocolate is to make it at home. No, don’t worry it is not tough at all.

The Homemade chocolate Recipe –

Homemade chocolate recipe 1

As the heading suggests just spend 2 precious minutes and use 3 basic ingredients to make your chocolate at home. Check the recipe –

1) Unsweetened cocoa powder
2) Coconut oil (cold-pressed)
3) Honey (raw unprocessed)

1) Pour 1/2 cup (100 gm) of coconut oil in a pan and keep it on low flame
2) Add a 3/4th cup (150 gm as per taste) of raw honey and mix it well for approx 20 seconds
3) Add 1 cup (200 gm) of unsweetened cocoa powder to this mixture and keep whisking it to prevent the formation of any lump for one and a half minutes
4) If needed you can continue whisking the mixture turning the flame off to avoid burning
5) Make sure the consistency of the mixture is neither thick nor too thin.
6) Pour the mixture into
any mold of your choice.
7) You may add nuts and raisins to the mixture (optional)
8) Keep it in the refrigerator to set
9) Take out the chocolates from the mold and enjoy

What about the chocolate spread?

Chocolate spreads are also very popular these days, especially among kids. There are many kids who love to have Nutella and bread as breakfast. But how healthy is Nutella? As I have mentioned in my previous blog on chocolate that this “hazelnut and cocoa spread” contains only 13% of hazelnut and 7% of cocoa it. Rest? More than 50% is nothing but sugar with various names and forms. The remaining 30% is filled up by skimmed milk powder, palm oil, and a long list of various additives and preservatives.

Ferrero (the company that sells Nutella)was sued in the United States for falsely advertising their product as “part of a nutritious breakfast” whereas the product is mostly sugar and palm oil? Ferrero had to pay $3.05 million as a settlement at the rate of $ 4 per jar up to 5 jars per customer along with making changes to Nutella’s labeling and advertisement.


How to make homemade chocolate spread?

Yes, if you are a Nutella or any other chocolate spread fan, you can make this too without adding any unnecessary sugar or chemicals. Check the recipe –

Ingredients –
1. Unsweetened cocoa powder (100 gm)
2. Cashew nut/hazelnut (100gm)
3. Coconut oil (cold-pressed) (50 gm)
4. Honey (raw unprocessed) (60 gm – as per taste)

Procedure –
1. Roast cashew nut/ hazelnut on a pan
2. Grind the roasted nuts into powder
3. Add cocoa powder, coconut oil, and honey to the nut powder.
4. Mix well using a blender until you get semi-solid spread like consistency
5. Store the spread in a clean glass jar and enjoy with your friends and family


homemade chocolate recipe 4

Health benefits of dark chocolates

There is scientific evidence that points out the health benefits of dark chocolate -containing the least percentage of sugar and high cocoa. So do not consider any sugar crap (most of the commercial chocolate) in the name of chocolate will give you many health benefits.
All the health benefits of dark chocolate come from cocoa. It is rich in fiber and minerals like – iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, potassium, selenium, zinc, etc. Besides this, dark chocolate is rich in organic compounds such as polyphenols, flavonols, and catechins.

The benefits of dark chocolates are –
• act as potent antioxidants
• beneficial for lowering blood pressure
• can decrease oxidized LDL and increase HDL level
• may reduce the risk of heart disease
• can reduce insulin resistance
• can improve cognitive function in elderly people



Do not eat chocolate thinking it is good for your health. Eat-in moderation just for enjoying the taste. Why? There is a huge food lobby that constantly backs this scientific research for getting a bigger market bringing a health angle to it.
Every food as long as it is not highly processed has some kind of health benefits. That is obvious. So don’t get carried away with such claims. Remember easiest and sustainable health benefits should come from your local, seasonal and natural, and home-cooked foods.


homemade chocolate recipe 6

Benefits of  homemade chocolate and chocolate spread

• Complete control over the quality
• No added extra sugar
• No preservatives
• No chemicals
• comparatively healthy as well as tasty from any commercial brand
• Saves a LOT of money
• Definitely give more satisfaction

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Bottom Line

Yes, chocolates are tasty. Try this homemade chocolate recipe and also the homemade chocolate spread recipe. Enjoy these in moderation without expecting any health benefits. Don’t forget to share with everybody. Because that’s the best way to show love as well as keep a check on your consumption. Be mindful while eating. What are you waiting for? Try the yummy recipes this weekend and let me know your feedback in the comment section.

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