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Yoga gained popularity for its long term benefits. On this yoga day, you can also care for your well being. You can ask how? Let me explain why you should practice yoga.

On our tremendous busy schedule and long hour desk jobs lead to many diseases. On a regular basis, we face muscle pain, tiredness, concentration problem, high blood pressure, and nerve related issues. If you search for the statistics, you will know a lot of people are suffering because they didn’t get enough time to take care of themselves. Trust me it’s curable but not with only medicines. If you are facing the same problems then you should focus on the prevention. For prevention techniques, I will recommend Yoga. Yoga is a practice through which you can reap many benefits. One of the benefits is, stretching your muscles. Regular stretching practices can relax your muscles and help you to get rid of tiredness. Yoga also increases your body flexibility. It increases concentration, reduces muscle sprains, keeps your mind calm and reduces stress. Am I not giving you enough reasons to include this practice in your schedule? If yes, then I can tell you how you can incorporate this.

Yoga is all about special poses and techniques which you should do for a minute. For that, you need a Yoga Mat and a list of poses. Yoga Mat is available in Amazon, if you search for this you will get plenty of options to choose from. Now about the list of poses and guidance, I am giving you a list of 3 smartphone apps which can help. These apps will guide you throughout your exercise routine of 15 minutes.

  1. Yoga Workout – This app is developed by a company called five-star Studios. In this app, you will find categorized Yoga Routines like beginner yoga, morning yoga, back care yoga, etc. Each routine is for a maximum of 15 minutes and has 10 to 12 exercises. You can choose any routine and press start, the app will start guiding you. There is a timer which tells you when to complete an exercise. You can check this App on Google Play.
  2. Yoga for beginners – This app is developed by Android Pixels. This app is slightly different as here you will find challenges. A 30 Day challenge is there where each day will have different exercises. It keeps you motivated and tracks the completeness by showing your progress. The guidance part is same as other apps. If you want to get surprised on each day, then check this useful app on Google Play.
  3. Yoga – Poses & Classes – This app is developed by VGFIT LLC. This app has a super guidance system with pose images, descriptions on how to do and a timer. Exercises are categorized as Yoga Classes and this app has options to plan your nutrition. Check this app on Google Play.

You may think that this will take a lot of your time, then I am telling you, it is not. If you can accommodate a 10-15 minutes slot from your busy schedule either in the early morning or evening, then by practicing yoga can do wonders to your body and mind.

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