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In the urban lifestyle scenario, people get very little time to spend for themselves. They have a very busy schedule to handle along with their job. So being healthy can only be possible through proper diet and nutrition. But do you know that alone nutrition is not going to help; you must have some activities to perform. If you are thinking about the benefits, then I can tell you that it will shred the extra kilos you have also it can control your body fat percentage. No, I am not telling you to perform an activity for an hour, which is beneficial but will not fit in your routine. Here I am suggesting 5 at-home exercises back to back and it will require only 10 minutes of your time. If you have a park near to your home or society or if you have a terrace then it will be great to perform these exercises there.

The first exercise on my list is Burpee. It is a very good exercise and it involves all the muscle movements in our body. Perform it for 20 seconds, and then move to the next one. Watch the video below to get an idea of how this exercise should be performed.

The second exercise is Jumping jacks. It also involves whole-body movement. Perform it for 20 seconds and then move to the 3rd Watch the video on how jumping jacks are performed.

The third exercise is Mountain Climbers. This exercise involves your lower body movements along with your core. It is beneficial when you want to lose fat from your belly area. Performance time is 20 seconds like others and then move to the fourth one. Watch the video to get guidance.

The fourth one is high knees. Perform this carefully, if your form is right then this exercise will be great for your legs and hip muscle. If you have high-fat deposits in your lower body, then this exercise can be a boon for you. Watch the video for the right form. Performance time is the same as the other exercises.

The fifth one is great exercise for your core. It is called Plank. It only involves core so by performing this you can reduce your waist size. Watch the video on how a Plank exercise should be performed. Here the hold time is 20 seconds.

To sum up, the entire circuit is of 100 seconds where there are 5 exercises of 20 seconds each. Now you can take a 1-minute rest. Then repeat the circuit for another 2 times. So total time becomes 300 seconds which is equivalent to 5 minutes. If you add the rest periods then it will add another 2 minutes. That’s it, the exercise time will be of 7 minutes maximum and will not cross 10 minutes. You can lose 70 to 80 calories per day with this routine. Empty Stomach performance is advisable.

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