Health Benefits of Gulkand
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Gulkand is a sweet preserve of Rose petals and is popular for its unique taste and fragrance. Gulkand health benefits make it a prime ingredient in many Ayurvedic medicines and treatments. Many of you may have tasted Gulkand in our traditional paan or mouth fresheners. By using gulkand in our daily life we can reap the benefits.
It is believed to be from ancient Indo-Persia, claimed to have originated around 900 B.C. Its original etymology claims to be the same in both Persian and Urdu; Gul, which means ‘flower’ in both languages, and Kand, which means ‘sweet’ in Arabic.

Health Benefits Of Gulkand

Health Benefits of Gulkand- tastes yummy

Gulkand health benefits 1.Rich in Nutrients

Rose petals contain 80 to 95% water content. The values provided below are based on Gulkand prepared using 100 grams of sugar and 200 grams of fresh rose petals. Rose petals are an excellent source of Vitamin C. It is also a good source of Vitamin B, Vitamin E, and vitamin K.Rose petals are also a good source of Carotene, Calcium, Magnesium, and Copper. Rose petals are rich in antioxidants like phenols and flavonoids. ( 2 ,3, 4 )

Nutritive value of Gulkand

Total Calories ( per 10 grams)12 to 15
Total Carbohydrates (per 10 grams)4.13 grams to  5.3 grams
Dietary Fiber (per 10 grams)0.85 grams to 1.7 grams
Sugar  (per 10 grams)3.3 grams
Water (per 10 grams)4.3 grams to 5.8 grams
Total fat (per 10 grams)0
Total Cholesterol0

The exact data for nutrition analysis is not available for Gulkand. Data provided here is just an estimate and calculation based on sugar content nutrition data and available data for nutrition facts of rose petals.

Gulkand health benefits 2. Natural Coolant

Gulkand has cooling properties that help in treating ailments that are caused due to excess heat in the body. Heat-related problems like tiredness, lethargy, itching, aches and pains can be cured by Gulkand. It also helps in reducing burning sensations in the soles and palms.

Gulkand can also be used in summers to keep the body cool inside out. When the sun is roaring high outside in summers it is essential to keep the body cool to prevent dehydration and related ailments.

The regular intake of Gulkand prevents sunburn or sun poisoning that commonly occurs in the summer season. It reduces the impact of excess heat on the body.

Nosebleed in summer is a common issue in kids. Gulkand is a natural remedy that helps get rid of nosebleeds. Give 1 teaspoon of gulkand to your children to prevent and treat nosebleeds.

Gulkand health benefits 3. Best Rejuvenator

Gulkand is a rich source of antioxidants and helps to detoxify the body. Consuming Gulkand will help in maintaining healthy and glowing skin. It rejuvenates the skin and protects it from pollution, dust, and regular wear and tear. Due to excess heat in the body pimples and acne may arise, Gulkand removes the excess heat and removes pimples and old blemishes.

Gulkand health benefits 4. Cures Constipation

Gulkand softens the stool and its sugar content helps drawing liquids in the intestines, which ultimately helps to get rid of constipation in the pregnancy. Including Gulkand and fiber-rich food like fruits and vegetables in a regular diet cures constipation completely. It is safe for pregnant women and kids as well. Half a teaspoon of gulkand in one glass of warm milk before bed is beneficial in curing constipation.

Gulkand also helps in treating acidity and heartburn. In Ayurveda, it is prescribed to take half a teaspoon of gulkand in between meals to overcome severe acidity problems in patients.

It is effective in treating mild first-degree hemorrhoids and bleeding piles. But if the case is severe it will need other medical interventions.

Gulkand health benefits 5. Treats Mouth Ulcers

Due to excess heat in the body, many people will suffer from mouth ulcers frequently. Gulkand helps in treating the ulcers effectively. It removes excess heat from the body and gives a soothing effect during burning sensation and pain due to mouth ulcers.

Gulkand health benefits 6. Relieves from menstrual problems

It has been proven that gulkand relives from heavy menstrual bleeding, white discharge, and other menstrual disorders in women. It relaxes the muscles of the reproductive organs in women and helps in overcoming menstrual pain during periods. (5)

Gulkand health benefits 7. Rose petal as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

Phytochemicals in Rose petals exhibit strong antioxidant properties that have various medicinal uses. Quercetin and kaempferol are known potent antioxidants found in rose petals. It helps in the removal of free radicals and protects body cells from damage. Rose petals and other rose extracts offer anti-inflammatory effects. It helps reduce inflammation of the skin, treat edema, and helps relieve arthritis.

Gulkand health benefits 8. Antimicrobial properties of Rose

Rose petals have shown a wide range of antimicrobial properties. Its essential oil and rose petal extract shows prevent the growth of bacteria. In vitro studies have confirmed the antibacterial properties of Rose essential oil on a wide spectrum of bacteria. Rose has been traditionally used in the treatment of gastrointestinal troubles and infections. Citronellol, geraniol, and nerol in rose essential oil are believed to offer antibacterial properties. Rose oil or Rose petal extract is used in antiseptic lotion to prevent infections. (6, 7)

Health benefits of Gulkand - benefits

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Medicinal Use Of Gulkand

Gulkand is used with other ayurvedic medicines like Mukta Pishti, Parval Pishti, Yashad Bhasma, and Gandhak Rasayana to treat many ailments which are caused due to excessive heat generation in the body. (1)

What is Gulkand?

Gulkand is a delicious sweet preserve of rose petals. Traditionally Rose petals and sugar are sun-dried for few days to make gulkand. Gulkand is also known as Rose Jam or Rose marmalade. You can also replace sugar with Jaggery to make healthier version of Gulkand.

How to Prepare Gulkand?

Preparation time: 10-12 days or more depending on the weather
Cooking time: Nil
Serves: 1/2 cup Gulkand

Ingredients Needed:

  • 35-40 fresh rose flowers yielding 2 cups tightly packed rose petals
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 2 tablespoon honey (optional)
  • 1 teaspoon cardamom powder (optional)


1. Separate the rose petals and keep them in a bowl. Wash the petals thoroughly and drain them.
2. Dry the petals on a clean kitchen towel in shade.
3. Next, take a wide mouth clean and dry glass jar and arrange a layer of petals followed by the sugar layer. Sprinkle the crushed cardamom. Again spread a thin layer of petals, followed by sugar and so on, until all the petals and sugar are over.
4. Lastly, squeeze honey over the top layer and cover the jar with an airtight lid and place it in sunlight for 7-10 days. Every day mix gulkand with a clean and dry spoon. After 10 days, gulkand is ready to eat. Refrigerate the jar. Gulkand can stay good until 1 year if handled with care.

Points to remember –

You do not want pesticide and chemical sprayed flowers. So select the rose petals which are grown organically. If you have your rose plant it’s the best option!
Do not pluck the roses from roadside vendors or plants as they would have absorbed the pollution and fumes around them.
Any type of rose flower is fine for Gulkand Preparation. The rose petals should be firm, bright red, and free from blemishes and dark spots.

Health benefits of Gulkand - home made

How can Gulkand be consumed?

You can use consumed gulkand as it is regularly or you can try them in your cuisines like Paan, desserts, milkshakes, and ice creams. You can also use rose-flavored teas and rose-infused drinks. Gulkand is added in many mouth freshness.

However, one can eat Gulkand without any adjuvant or with water, but cow’s milk is the best adjuvant for Gulkand in most diseases especially in constipation. Water is a good adjuvant for Gulkand in gastric problems.

How much Gulkand is safe for consumption?

One teaspoon a day is safe for consumption for everyone. You can consult a doctor, preferably an Ayurvedic practitioner if you are having any ailments like piles, constipation, etc. Dosage may be increased or decreased accordingly.

Are there any side effects of Gulkand?

As such no side effects of Gulkand have been proven. If anyone gets allergic symptoms after consuming Gulkand it is better to avoid it.
As it is high in sugar content people with Diabetes must use them cautiously and the doctor’s suggestions before consumption are suggested.

Does Gulkand help in weight loss?

Weight loss includes many factors including diet, exercise, sleep, and hydration. Gulkand alone cannot help with weight loss. People looking for weight loss may consume one teaspoon of it once a week. As it is high in sugar excessive consumption may hamper the weight loss process.

Health Benefits of Gulkand - laddu

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Bottom Line

Rich, sweet, and oozing with flavors Gulkand can make your deserts and regular milkshakes more interesting. Not only high on taste it is immensely rich in antioxidants and other nutrients. Try Gulkand to reap its health benefits. Gulkand is easy to prepare delicacy, which can be made at home without much hassle. All that is required are rose petals and sugar. Gulkand is an ideal ingredient to beat the summer heat since it possesses coolant-like properties. Gulkand is undoubtedly a general healthy herbal preparation that can be used year-round by everyone.

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Akhila holds a Post graduate diploma in clinical nutrition and dietetics from Apollo health education and research foundation. She is into this field since a year.She worked as an intern at Apollo hospitals, Hyderabad. She is trained in both inpatient and outpatient dietetics department. She did nutritional assessment, diet planning and clinical counselling for individuals with Hypothy-roid, Diabetic mellitus, Hypertension and kidney dysfunctions at outpatient department in Apollo. Akhila was into agricultural biotechnology but destiny had different plans and her strong passion towards nutrition and food sciences got her into clinical nutrition field. Having a strong background in biochemistry and human genetics she acquired a deep knowledge in the statistics specific to whole body macronutrient and micronutrient metabolism and its relation to metabolic diseas-es.Coming from agricultural background she did research on how organic foods are beneficial than conventionally grown counterparts in terms of nutrients such as antioxidants.She always motivates to encourage locally grown food for better health. She doesn’t encourage usage of supplements and crash diets. She believes the blend of traditional food wisdom and modern nutritional science is necessary for healthy body and mind. She em-phasises more on health gain than just loosing weight.This can only be possible by Sustainable diets.She is all happy in to help her clients who are ready to lead healthy, happy and nourishing life through Wellness munch!

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