Feel Fit Program

Almost every third person today is looking for quick weight loss/ diet for diabetes or treatment for poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). What about you? Have you ever thought of searching the best diet for diabetes/ hypertension or hypothyroidism? If you are nodding now, then you must be bogged down with one or more of such problem. Has your pass time become finding foods to avoid in hypertension or a diet for diabetes.

If your day starts with a box of medicine then this is the program you should seriously consider. The aim of this program is to assist you to adopt a diet for diabetes/ hypertension/ thyroid problems/ PCOS or any lifestyle diseases as per your food choices.


This therapeutic program has been divided into 3 phases-

1. Know your body:

The effectiveness of a PCOS diet or a diet for diabetes or any such diseases largely depends on body type. You are unique with your body type, daily activity, lifestyle and dietary pattern. So before planning a diet for diabetes for example, it is necessary to understand you, your lifestyle and your physiological condition to develop a customized diet plan.

2. Know your food:

Following same diet for diabetes or PCOS or hypothyroidism everyday is not humanly possible. Situation gets tough when you struggle with two or more lifestyle diseases. Strict instruction comes from your physician with a list of foods which are not permitted in the diet for diabetes/ hypertension or cholesterol problem. How does it feel? Pathetic! Right? Specially when special emphasis given on no sweets and fried foods. Diabetes might kill you slowly but the diet for diabetes must have killed you right there. Your restless mind put you on mental starvation and starts finding excuse to binge. Any planned diet for diabetes or other diseases are to be understood first. You need a basic understanding of food to bring diversity in your diet plan. In short it is necessary for you to know the ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘why’ of your PCOS plan or diet for diabetes.

3. Develop your dietary habit:

No customized diet for diabetes or hypertension is enough for a sustainable result until you are ready to adopt it. Bringing even small change in dietary habit require time and motivation. A diet for diabetes should not be a time framed practice, it should sink with your daily routine. As most of the quick results are temporary, instead of putting energy for rapid result your aim should be going slow but steady. This phase guide you to adopt the required dietary modifications.There is no doubt that this transformation phase is the most crucial part of the entire program to achieve your target.


Program Detail –

1 month Program (total 6 sessions) : Sessions can be arranged over phone/ Skype or meeting in person

Week 1:  Two Sessions (assessment of physical status, medical history, diet history before developing your diet plan )

Week 2:  Two Sessions (Developing the diet plan and understanding your diet)

Week 3:  One follow up session- Checking diet tracker

Week 4:  One follow up session- Checking diet tracker

2 / 3  month Program (total 10/14 sessions) : Sessions can be arranged over phone/ Skype or meeting in person

Week 1:  Two Sessions (assessment of physical status, medical history, diet history before developing your diet plan)

Week 2:  Two Sessions (Developing the diet plan and understanding your diet)

Week 3 onward: One follow up session once in every week – Checking diet tracker and need based modification of diet after every two weeks,


FAQs- Diet for diabetes/ hypertension/ hypothyroidism/ PCOS  and other lifestyle diseases

1. Does this program suggest any particular exercise?

Exercise has never been an option, it is must for everybody. Any kind of exercise as per your choice and capacity is suggested for better impact.

2. Do you prescribe any commercial nutrition supplements?

Correct food is all you need to provide sufficient nutrition to your body. Other than very few special condition, let the food help you to heal and nourish.

Packages –

Enroll for 1 month – Rs. 3000/-

Enroll for 2 months- Rs. 4000/-

Enroll for 3 months- Rs. 5000/-

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