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Are you in the process of gaining size and muscles but didn’t get any results?

Are you trying new exercises to help you gain lean muscles?

If your answers are a big Yes, then I have a solution for you and that is a technique called “Progressive Overload”.

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What is Progressive Overload?

Progressive Overload is a technique to increase stress on your body while doing the workout. It is often applied with gradually increasing weights per set. Gym goers are familiar with these terms. If you are still confused, let me take you through an example.

Suppose you are doing a Barbell Bench Press with 100 pounds of weight in one set. According to progressive overload, you have to increase the weight in the next set, say by at least 10-20 pounds. This will work best when your set consists of 4 to 6 reps.

Studies have proven that this technique will get you results if your goal is to build muscles and gain strength. Gaining strength will help you achieve a bigger size.

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How to incorporate this to your training program?

Progressive Overload Technique is best suited with compound exercises which are used in volume training. So adding a compound exercise in your workout routine will be beneficial in achieving your fitness goal. The beauty of compound exercise is it boosts your testosterone level. I am sharing a 5 Day workout plan which you can follow and share your results with us.

Day 1: Chest – Barbell Flat Bench Press, Barbell Incline Bench Press, Flat Bench Flies, Decline Dips (Chest Version).

Day 2: Shoulder – Shoulder Barbell Front Press, behind the neck press, Side Lateral Raise, Shoulder Front Raise.

Day 3: Legs – Barbell Squat, DB Lunges, Leg Curl, Hack Squats.

Day 4: Back – Deadlift, T-Bar Rows, DB or BB Shrugs, Single Arm Rows.

Day 5: Arms – Barbell Biceps Curl, Close Grip Bench Press, Hammer Curl, Triceps Pushdown, Preacher Curl and Triceps Dips.

You can do a google search on each exercise to know the correct form. If you are thinking that I have missed Abs, then let me tell you these exercises will also engage your core during the workout.  I will also share some separate workout plans for your abs in future articles. Try progressive overload and adopt this powerful strength training technique to achieve your dream body.


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