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Are you the one who believes no matter how less you eat, even drinking water is adding up to your weight? If you are nodding right now then this blog is for you. I can understand the struggle you are going through. But restless mind often pushes us to make a hasty decision, creating more damage. Therefore if you are frustrated at this moment, take a deep breath and try to understand what is going wrong.

Why you are not losing weight?

But …..I am trying hard and doing everything for weight loss….

EVERYTHING?? Well, what exactly you are doing? Less rice or no rice? No sugar in tea? Soup and salad for dinner? Stopped eating potato/banana/ ghee etc? We realize the need for weight loss only when our favorite clothes refuse to fit anymore. If you observe you will get to see a common pattern in this sudden weight-loss saga like –

First 5 days will be the strict diet phase to lose probably 10 kg a month. Don’t forget, during this phase standing on weighing scale for 3 times a day is a must to capture that 0.07 g difference. 

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Then comes the cheat day, when everyone in your family enjoys biryani where you choose to focus on your soup bowl. After all, staying healthy demands a lot of sacrifices.

Why you are not losing weight?1

let’s not miss that by the end of 1st week you manage to lose 2-3 kg depending on the level of “diet” you are following. But unfortunately “diet” does not come alone, it brings irritation, mood swing, anger, frustration and frequent fight with our family. But again staying healthy demands a lot of sacrifices.

It’s a “celebration” time as you have finally managed to lose 6 kg. But the explosion happens after 2 days of your “celebration” when you get to see 3 kg has back.

Familiar to such incidence? let’s not get into the after story as if you are reading the blog till now you have experienced what happens next.


Weight loss is not only about dieting or occasional exercise. Weight loss depends on our hormonal balance. Therefore, we need to explore everything that keeps our hormones in check. You have no choice but to follow the 5 basic things- eating right, drinking enough water, regular activity and exercise, adequate sleep and stress control. No, they don’t come in option, all are equally important and non-negotiable. 

Why you are not losing weight?2

Sounds boring? But our so-called COOL lifestyle with processed food compromised sleep, excessive stress, and sedentary work is not working for us. Our increasing weight and blood parameters are screaming to tell us the same.

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This is high time to stop torturing ourselves with poor quality and excess quantity of food rather focus on food quality and portion control. Stop buying packaged and processed food. Your noodles, pasta, fruit juices, soft drinks, frozen dessert, biscuits, instant popcorn/ soup/ noodles/ oats, cornflakes, muesli -even Marie biscuit comes under this section.

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Yes, I will suggest you to stop buying not only stop eating. If a food is bad for you, it’s bad for your family members too. Once you stop buying you will start looking for healthy options, not before that. Practice checking the ingredient list of packaged food. Count calorie before eating a pizza from the popular joint not before eating homemade food. Eat-in moderation.

Drink enough water. Most of us keep munching throughout the day but forget to drink water. Stop compromising your sleep.

A night of quality sleep is crucial to create hormonal balance. Choosing Whats App or Facebook instead of sleep is never going to give the desired weight loss.

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Stress control is not an option but a necessity for hormonal balance.

Similarly no matter how busy we are in daily chores, staying active (read- walking) and doing exercise (yoga/ weight-bearing exercise) that challenge our body is MUST for keeping the weight as well as blood parameters under check. 

Why you are not losing weight?7

The bottom line –

Life is wonderful and lifestyle modification is the key to happiness. Don’t go crazy to become healthy. Adopt the changes one by one. It may take little time. It’s a continuous process without any expiry date. Try to be happily healthy and fit where weight loss should come as the bi-product. What do you say?

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Dr. Soma Chakrabarty is based in Hyderabad. She has 15 yrs of working experience in nutrition. She guides people to modify eating behavior and achieve goals for wellness. She believes in a practical diet that helps people to live rather than survive.

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