About- Wellness Munch


Diet is NOT a time framed component of your life. You need DIET every single day. Amidst of madness of “weight loss”, “special diet” and “super food”, Wellness Munch is the platform to promote meaningful, doable and sustainable dietary habit.

“Checks and balances” is the fundamental principle of our body to ensure wellness. Nothing is bad until and unless we manage to balance it. But anything and everything is toxic when there is an imbalance. Therefore it is said that eating is necessary but eating intelligently is an art. Today every third person is suffering with some lifestyle disorders –  obesity, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, hypothyroidism or PCOD etc.  Thankfully all these conditions are reversible by following a healthy lifestyle. So, if you are starting your day with a box of medicine or if you are desperate for weight loss or dreaming of weight gain- Dr. Soma Chakrabarty at Wellness Munch gives you the sustainable dietary guidance to achieve your goal without harming or hurting your system.

About Dr. Soma Chakrabarty


Dr. Soma Chakrabarty is working in the field of nutrition for more than last 10 years. She has explored and experienced the entire range of malnutrition- ranging from under-nutrition to over-nutrition.

Being a student of food and nutrition since graduation, she has always prioritized developing her own food knowledge beyond just calorie, carbohydrate and fat. She made an effort to develop a supplementary food using our kitchen waste which matches the nutritional profile of other commercial formula available in the market. Eventually that become her doctoral thesis and got awarded in 2017 from University of Calcutta.

Dr. Soma has worked as nutritionist in both health care industry as well as in development sector. Experience of working with organisation such as Talwalkars (Kolkata), Child In Need Institute (Kolkata), Naandi Foundation (Hyderabad) and international organisations like Unicef, Save the Children, World Bank on multiple projects has given her opportunities to explore rural India, interacting with farmers and agricultural labors, understanding the ground scenario of food production as well as the ecosystem which in turn nourished her own knowledge on food and nutrition

Dr. Soma strongly believe that food wisdom does not come only with an academic degree but also with experience and with an open mind. She always keep herself open for the knowledge exchange which might help her to grow her food sense and you to develop a sensible and sustainable eating behavior to attain lasting wellness.

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