What is Wellness Munch

Knowledge is power and you are NOT a fool. Amidst of pseudo diet experts, false food advertisements, fad diets and madness for weight loss, Wellness Munch is a platform that share only evidence based sustainable dietary information. 

Wellness Munch promotes only –

Smart & Sustainable eating  NOT any fad diet for  temporary  result 

Wellness Munch gives you evidence based information on –

  • individual food facts
  • dietary guidance for various lifestyle disorder
  • sustainable smart eating tips
  • sustainable smart living tips
  • simple, healthy recipes

Wellness Munch helps you to –

  • develop mindful eating
  • adopt suitable and sustainable diet
  • enjoy food without any guilt
  • inform evidence based food knowledge
  • achieve better health forever

Wellness Munch work with only qualified nutritionists/dietitians NOT with pseudo diet experts.

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