Quick Diet Consultation

Are you struggling to correct eating habit of your child? Is he/ she addicted to pizza and chips? If you are tired of running after him/her for feeding, this quick diet consultation may guide you to develop your child’s healthy eating habit. Learn recipes for healthy toddler meals and about nutritious foods for toddler that you should start adding to their diet now.


Struggling for weight loss? Running out of patience? Looking for a quick diet plan? If lack of motivation is not an obstacle for you, consider this quick dietary consultation. Get a customized diet plan if you are trying for weight loss/ weight gain or, suffering with diabetes/ hypertension/ PCOS/ thyroid or any lifestyle diseases.

Program Detail: Quick diet consultation- for toddler, child and for weight loss, weight gain, lifestyle diseases

This short term diet consultation include two sessions.

First Session : It is all about knowing you/ your kid – your/ your kid’s physical condition, lifestyle, diet pattern, food choices etc. before developing a healthy diet plan for your child or, for your the diet for weight loss/gain or for lifestyle diseases.

Second Session: A diet plan as per your need (for kid/weight loss/gain etc) is developed and explained. Food options are provided to help you for bringing diversity to diet. Few recipes will be shared to make the diet interesting yet healthy.


FAQs- Quick diet consultation- for toddler, child and for weight loss, weight gain, lifestyle diseases

1. Does this program suggest any particular exercise?

Exercise has never been an option, it is must for everybody. Any kind of exercise as per your choice and capacity is suggested for better impact.

2. Do you prescribe any commercial nutrition supplements?

Correct food is all you need to provide sufficient nutrition to your body. Other than very few special condition, let the food help you to heal and nourish.


Total 2 Sessions- Rs. 2000/-

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