Wellness Munch Consultation

Wellness Munch promotes only- smart & sustainable eating  NOT any fad diet for  temporary  result . Developing sustainable dietary habit sounds simple but actually a time taking process .  

Consider Wellness Munch Consultation if you are –

  • struggling with excess body fat
  • trying for developing muscle
  • starting day with a box of medicines for diabetes, thyroid issues, PCOS/PCOD, hypertension, arthritis etc- lifestyle diseases
  • pregnant, lactating
  • looking for a healthy and fit life
  • worried about your child eating  behavior

We will give a customized dietary guidance considering your-

  • work routine
  • travel plan
  • food availability
  • food choice

About Wellness Munch Consultation –

Duration  –  2  sessions, each for approx 45 minutes  

Sessions can be arranged over phone/ video call or meeting in person

This short term diet consultation include two sessions.

First Session : It is all about knowing you/ your kid – your/ your kid’s physical condition, lifestyle, diet pattern, food choices etc. before developing a healthy diet plan for your child or, for your the diet for weight loss/gain or for lifestyle diseases.

Second Session: A diet plan as per your need is developed and explained. Food options are provided to help you for bringing diversity to diet. Few recipes will be shared to make the diet interesting yet healthy.

FAQs on Wellness Munch Program

1. Does this program suggest any particular exercise?

Exercise has never been an option, it is must for everybody. Any kind of exercise as per your choice and capacity is suggested for better impact.

2. Do you prescribe any commercial nutrition supplements?

Correct food is all you need to provide sufficient nutrition to your body. Other than very few special condition, let the food help you to heal and nourish.

3. How quickly shall I see result?

If you are looking for overnight result, Wellness Munch is NOT a right choice for you. We believe in sustainable diet not in any quick fix.  Adopting healthy habits take time. This time varies person to person. We will guide and motivate you to develop good habits to see result. Generally it takes about 2-3 months to adopt a habit in daily life.

We  value time – our as well as your. Therefore when we put our best effort and guidance for you, we expect complete honesty and patience from your end to make the program effective.

Consultation Cost

For 2 Sessions – INR 2000/-



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