Weight Loss Program

If you are overweight, losing weight is a great idea to keep yourself fit. So if you are struggling for weight loss, this is the program you should consider. Losing mind for weight loss is not a smart move. Fancy weight loss diet/ weight loss drinks or weight loss supplements may help you for a short period of time but certainly not sustainable in the long run. How does it feel when you manage to lose weight after starving for a period and get them back whenever you indulge a bit on your favorite food? Awful, right?  Instead of instant weight loss, you must focus on gradual weight loss. You need a diet which is align with your taste and your kitchen which can be followed forever.


The program has been divided into 3 phases

1. Know your body:

Each person is unique with their body type, daily activity, lifestyle and dietary pattern. Therefore weigh loss varies from person to person.This program invest the first 2-3 sessions to understand you and your lifestyle to develop a customized diet for you.

2. Know your food:

Following the same weight loss diet everyday is not something humanly possible. You need to have a basic understanding on food to bring diversity in your food plate. In short it is necessary for you to know the- ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘why’ of your weight loss diet. Therefore in the 3rd or 4th session of the program is dedicated to explain the customized diet plan.

3. Develop your dietary habit:

Bringing any change in dietary habit demand time and motivation. Most of the weight loss diet program fails because of over enthusiasm to follow a strict diet for instant weight loss. If you have ever followed such diet for rapid weight loss you know exactly what I mean. Therefore getting a customized weight loss diet plan is not all that you need. Constant motivation is the major factor to develop a good eating habit specially when there are lot of temptations of “unhealthy” foods around you. Therefore the rest of the sessions are designed to provide motivation to adopt a dietary habit for weight loss. There is no doubt that this transformation phase is the most crucial part of the entire program.

4. Special diet:

During the entire process, sometimes you need to give jerks to your body for accelerating the process of weight loss. Therefore after every 10th session, the program will provide a special diet to give an extra kick in your weight loss journey.

Program details – 

1 month Program (total 6 sessions) : Sessions can be arranged over phone/ Skype or meeting in person

Week 1:  Two Sessions (assessment of physical status, medical history, diet history etc)

Week 2:  Two Sessions (Developing diet plan, understanding your diet)

Week 3:  One follow up session –  Checking diet tracker

Week 4:  One follow up session –  Checking diet tracker

2 / 3  month Program (total 10/14 sessions) : Sessions can be arranged over phone/ Skype or meeting in person

Week 1:  Two Sessions (assessment of physical status, medical history, diet history etc)

Week 2:  Two Sessions (Developing diet plan, understanding your diet)

Week 3 onward:  One follow up session once in every week  (need based modification of diet after every two weeks) – Checking diet tracker


FAQs on Diet for weight loss

1. Does this program suggest any particular exercise?

Exercise has never been an option, it is must for everybody. Any kind of exercise as per your choice and capacity is suggested for better impact.

2. Do you prescribe any commercial nutrition supplements?

Correct food is all you need to provide sufficient nutrition to your body. Other than very few special condition, let the food help you to heal and nourish.

Packages –

Enroll for 1 month – Rs. 3000/-

Enroll for 2 months- Rs. 4000/-

Enroll for 3 months- Rs. 5000/-

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