Immunity Enhancing Rasam - the recipe
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Rasam is a classic example of a traditional South Indian soup that is used as a side dish with rice in lunch or dinner. It is a must dish in every south Indian household. If you are a south Indian then you will definitely have your warm memories with Rasam. In childhood days whenever I used to be down with flu, coughing and sneezing the smell of rasam boiling in the kitchen used to make me sit Upright. My mom used to wait for the rasam to cool down a bit and then hands it over to me in a small glass. Few sips of it used to make me feel relieved. The present generation underestimates the health benefits of Rasam and tries to avoid it. We should try to preserve our traditional wisdom of cooking for better health.

Immunity Enhancing Rasam - how to make it?

What is Rasam?

Rasam is a south Indian version of soup made with tamarind juice, pepper, tomatoes, and other spices. It also called Chaaru in Telugu and Saaru in Kannada. Every Rasam starts with a Rasam Podi/Powder which consists of a mix of toasted spices like coriander, cumin, pepper, and chillis. The spices are ratioed according to preference. In general, coriander is used in large amounts which gives the Rasam its signature aroma and taste. There are many types of Rasam like Tomato Rasam, Pepper Rasam, Lentil-vegetable Rasam, Tamarind Rasam, etc. The permutation and combination of the spices used as seasoning agents for this appetizing broth determine its name. Consume Rasam in moderation every day for better immunity and health.

Health Benefits Of Rasam

  1. Prevents Constipation and Promoted better digestion.
  2. Relieves the symptoms of Cold and Flu.
  3. Anti-inflammatory properties.
  4. Anti Bacterial.
  5. Appetizer.
  6. Bank of many Vitamins and Minerals.(1)

Immunity Enhancing Rasam

I am sharing the recipe of Rasam with a little twist. I have replaced Tamarind with Lemons for more immunity boosting. This recipe is very simple to make with limited ingredients.

Ingredients: ( Servings – 2)

  1. Coriander Seeds – 2 tablespoon.
  2. Black Pepper seeds – 7-8.
  3. Ginger – half inch
  4. Garlic – 2-3 cloves.
  5. Jaggery powder – 1 teaspoon.
  6. Tomatoes – 2 medium sized.
  7. Lemon – 1
  8. Coriander leaves – 1 table spoon
  9. Curry leaves – 1 twig.
  10. Salt – As per taste.
  11. Turmeric – half teaspoon.
  12. Red Chilli powder – 1 teaspoon.
  13. Water – 100 ml – 150 ml

For Tempering

  1. Ghee – 1 tablespoon.
  2. Mustard seeds and cumin seeds – Half teaspoon each
  3. Methi seeds – 3 seeds.
  4. Asafoetida – a pinch.
  • Immunity Enhancing Rasam- ingredients

Method :

  1. Grind Ginger,Garlic,Coriander seeds and Pepper corns in the mixer grinder.
  2. Keep the grounded powder aside and grind the tomatoes to fine paste in the same mixie Jar.
  3. Take a deep pan vessel. Add the powder and tomato paste to the vessel.Add 100 ml of water to it and start boiling.
  4. Add salt, turmeric powder Chilli powder.
  5. After 2 minutes add Jaggery Powder.
  6. Boil till the raw smell of tomato is gone. It will take around 10 minutes.
  7. Add more water according to your desired consistency.
  8. Check for the salt.
  9. Add coriander leaves and curry leaves.
  10. Prepare the tadka with 1 tablespoon ghee, add mustard seeds, cumin seeds,Methi seeds. Add the tadka into the boiling Rasam. Boil for another 5 minutes
  11. Squeeze one whole lemon before turning of the heat.
  12. Serve hot with rice and pappad or drink after meals as per your choice.

Note:  Please add drumsticks to increases the nutritional benefits of Rasam. You can add it while boiling the tomato broth. I do not have them at the moment so could not add it.

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Akhila holds a Post graduate diploma in clinical nutrition and dietetics from Apollo health education and research foundation. She is into this field since a year.She worked as an intern at Apollo hospitals, Hyderabad. She is trained in both inpatient and outpatient dietetics department. She did nutritional assessment, diet planning and clinical counselling for individuals with Hypothy-roid, Diabetic mellitus, Hypertension and kidney dysfunctions at outpatient department in Apollo. Akhila was into agricultural biotechnology but destiny had different plans and her strong passion towards nutrition and food sciences got her into clinical nutrition field. Having a strong background in biochemistry and human genetics she acquired a deep knowledge in the statistics specific to whole body macronutrient and micronutrient metabolism and its relation to metabolic diseas-es.Coming from agricultural background she did research on how organic foods are beneficial than conventionally grown counterparts in terms of nutrients such as antioxidants.She always motivates to encourage locally grown food for better health. She doesn’t encourage usage of supplements and crash diets. She believes the blend of traditional food wisdom and modern nutritional science is necessary for healthy body and mind. She em-phasises more on health gain than just loosing weight.This can only be possible by Sustainable diets.She is all happy in to help her clients who are ready to lead healthy, happy and nourishing life through Wellness munch!

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