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Really!!? Deep sleep? After doing list of fancy starving diet, isn’t this you were longed for so long? Do you get up every morning and still feel tired? If yes, then reading the next 500 words is MUST for you.


Deep sleep and weight loss ….How is it possible?

Seriously deep sleep for weight loss? You must be thinking that it is a joke or a hack. But fortunately this is basic human physiology. Our hectic schedule end up compromising sleep for most of us. To be honest, that limited sleep time again shrink because of your never ending data pack (read- your late night presence on facebook/snapchat/whats app/instagram). And then, no matter how many lounges/crunches or squats you do next day your mood, food craving or weight nothing actually comes under your control. What a mess!!

If you are struggling for weight loss, that means there is definitely something wrong within your system. Weight loss depends on multiple factors among which your hormones play the key role. Our body has a complex hormone system and sufficient sleep helps to keep our various hormone in balance.

Study shows that disrupted sleep for even 24 hrs is enough to suppress the activity of leptin. Leptin is a hormone produced in the fat cells which regulate our body weight by signaling brain to reduce appetite and burn more calorie. Yes, you read it right. So next time you feel irritated with your habit of constant snacking and struggle for weight loss blame your leptin.

How does it feel when you get at least something to blame for your weight loss failure. If it feels great, then wait I have more for you.Research also shows disrupted sleep leads to elevate the level of ghrelin, another hormone released from stomach that increase our hunger, slow down metabolism and lower body’s ability to burn fat. Wow! Leptin and ghrelin….what a HEAVY concoction to hinder weight loss.But wait, this is not the end.

Study shows that insufficient sleep tend to rise our cortisol (the stress hormone produced from adrenaline gland placed top of our kidney) level next evening. Are you thinking how does that related to weight? Well, high cortisol creates an alarming situation in our body. It elevate blood glucose level and therefore to control the blood glucose insulin activity also goes up. Now, consistent high blood glucose along with insulin suppression makes our cells starved for glucose which send hunger signals to the brain. This leads to increase our craving for sugary or fatty foods. This unused glucose is eventually stored as body fat. Are you getting the reason of your late evening uncontrollable food cravings now?


Weight loss is MUST…..What to do?

Take a deep breath and stop compromising your sleep if you are serious with your weight loss. When a sound sleep can tackle balancing the complex hormonal system , don’t you think this is one of the easiest, inexpensive and healthy lifestyle change you should adopt right now to ensure weight loss? 

Bottom line ….

Let’s concentrate to get deep sleep. Yes, technology has taken us so far that we need to “concentrate” even to get some good sleep. Stay away from phone, TV, tab etc. at least 30 minutes before going to bed. Start reading a book. Remember, how most of us used to sleep during exam preparation! Make a habit of getting good deep sleep for 7 – 8 hrs. So the drill is simple- forget counting calories just slip into deep sleep.

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Dr. Soma Chakrabarty is based in Hyderabad. She has 15 yrs of working experience in nutrition. She guides people to modify eating behavior and achieve goals for wellness. She believes in a practical diet that helps people to live rather than survive.

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