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What do you want? Weight loss..as soon as possible? Maybe losing 15 kg within 2 months. Great. Do you really think you need a weight loss diet plan to achieve that? Dear, grow up and just stop eating. Don’t you think having no food is going to give you way better result even sooner?
No? Okay, you want to make it happen a healthy way within a short span of time. Right?

“ I lost 15 kg in just 2 months following this weight loss diet plan”- Part 2

“….and they lived happily ever after” – really? It does’ t happen like that and you know it. The reality check comes immediately after this.
Have you seen fascinating weight loss “transformation” on social media? The case studies, before and after photos must have motivated you to opt for a weight loss diet plan? But have you ever thought about part 2 of that story? If you have already tried such diet you know what I mean.

Most of the rapid weight loss case studies fail miserably after 2-3 months. Yes, that’s the second half which no one cover. Rapid weight loss means rapid weight gain. Maintaining weight after weight loss is the toughest part. Strong motivation and will power also fail after a period of time. Therefore it is important to see how have you lost the weight. The shelf life of your “result” depends on the path you chose to shed the extra kilos.

Let’s face it, you have not become overweight overnight. It was a gradual process. Generally, it happens in 3 phases.
• Phase 1: You gain 6-7 kg over 5-6 months
• Phase 2: You realize the body change and start feeling disturbed
• Phase 3: You gain another 3-4 kg and actually become motivated to call for an action

Therefore by the time you get focused, you have already gained 9-10 kg. Then you start searching for a fast weight loss diet plan which will make you thin preferably overnight.
When you plan to join a weight loss program, you wish to shed all your extra bulges and get a well-toned body. That means you actually look for “fat loss” not “weight loss”. Does both sound the same to you?

Weight loss vs fat loss – set your target right

Weight loss and fat loss both may look the same but are not.
Weight loss = Fat loss+ Muscle loss+Water loss
Fat loss = Reducing the stored fat in your body

Temporary weight loss

Generally, your body weight is consist of –
• water: 10-25%
• organ and other body tissue: 10-15% of body weight
• bone: 15% of body weight
• fat: 10-30 % of body weight
• muscle: 30 -35% of body weight

Apart from this, water is also present in muscle and fat. Your body is all about 50-65% of water. So water is a crucial factor contributing to your weight. You can easily reduce 1-3 kg by losing the water weight by a few days of fasting, acute dehydration, fever or by an episode of illness. But certainly, that’s not permanent. You will get back all these weights once you refill and recover yourself.

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Most of the rapid weight loss diet plan focuses on low carbohydrate and low salt diet. Wondering why? it’s simple. Because carbohydrate tend to bind with water and salt helps to retain water in your body. So getting rid of carbs and salt will help to reduce the water weight to a large extent.

That’s why for most of your weight loss diet plan means-
• No carbs – no rice/ no roti or, replace rice with roti or, reduce the number of rotis and no potato, mango, banana
• No carbs and salt for dinner – only soup and salad for dinner
• High protein – for non-vegetarian it is grilled chicken, for vegetarian it’s tofu and soy chunk
• High fruits and vegetables – Include kiwi, avocado, lettuce, kale, broccoli, , and latest cauliflower. Watermelon throughout the day whenever hungry.
• So-called healthy fat – drops of olive oil

This type of calorie and carbohydrate “restricted” diet is generally associated with reduced muscle mass and energy. So irritation, mood swing, lack of energy, poor concentration and attention come as a by-product along with your much-awaited weight loss.

But tell me honestly how long you can starve yourself from carbohydrate (rice/ roti etc) especially when you have grown up eating that on a regular basis for at least 2-3 times a day. How long can you continue a salt-free soup and salad for dinner? Not for very long right? That’s why once you reach your ideal body weight may be after 2 months and planning to shift to your “normal “ diet weight gain starts happening. It’s frustrating, right?

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Your weighing scale tells you nothing –

Are you the one who start a day by checking weight. I will strongly suggest stopping doing that as the first step. Your day should be started on a happier note not with frustration.
Actually measuring body weight is not a correct indicator to achieve your goal. If you are trying to reduce fat and becoming fitter than before stop measuring your weight.

There are people who may have similar body weight but look completely different – one may look, fitter, toner whereas the other one may have visible flab. Then what do you want? Remember weights are the same for both.
Or, there may be two people, the one has higher body weight look much fitter and trim. What do you want? Remember the trim guy weighs more than the flab guy.

Definitely, you will choose to be like the toned and trimmed one. Right? That means weight does not matter. It’s high time you should start focusing on measuring your fat percentage rather than a weighing scale. Don’t worry if you can’t check your fat percentage regularly, have trust in the measuring tape and concentrate on the inch loss rather than weight loss.

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Permanent fat loss –

There is another route you can consider. Long route but definitely much more effective. Instead of focusing on weight loss, concentrate on losing your fat keeping your muscle intact. In fact, developing some muscle during the fat loss journey is a great idea for long term effect.
Ideally, the fat percentage should be –
• for men 10-15%
• for a female between 15 -20%

One pound of muscle is four times smaller than one pound of fat. So muscle is denser than fat. That’s why two people may have the same weight but the body measurements are different. Or the body measurements are the same but weight is different.

Dense muscle burns more calorie than fat. One pound of muscle can burn 6-10 kcal whereas one pound of fat burns only 2-3 calories. So having a good muscle percentage improve your metabolism rate and helps to burn more calorie on a regular basis even while you are sleeping.

So if you are focusing on fat loss, you need to eat a balanced meal, which will allow-
• enough calorie as per your age and activity
• nutrient dense food to meet the calorie requirement not just an empty calorie
• sufficient carbohydrate to support your activity level
• high-quality protein (either animal or plant source)
• good fat to fill the rest of the calorie gap
• 4-5 meals a day

Not only a balanced diet, but fat loss is possible by enhancing your daily physical activity and exercise. Aerobic exercise (walking/ running/swimming/ skipping/ cycling) along with some strength training is a must to build little muscle replacing your fat.

Are you thinking that you will develop bulky muscle like wrestlers? No, that is not going to happen. So relax. Concentrating on fat loss rather than weight loss helps to make you fitter with improved strength, delay aging and boost your immunity.
Yes, this will take some time, but trust me the process is fascinating, very addictive and will reset your body permanently.

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Balanced diet vs fad diet – Your weight loss diet plan

A balanced diet is not an option but a necessity to live a healthy active life. Whereas, fad diets are like a quick fix, very popular as they often come with a promise of weight loss or some other health benefits.
The concept of fad diets in the name of “healthy diet” started in the 19th century in the developed world after industrialization and commodification of food. Otherwise, before that food was meant to be edible which servers the basic definition- provide energy and/or promote growth, maintain body and/or prevent diseases. Whereas today, all most all the over-processed “advertised” foods fail to meet such criteria. No matter what they claim in the advertisement, most of the products provide just calorie nothing else.

How do you recognize the fad diet –

• It does not speak about balanced nutrition
• It’s mainly food specific diet -which encourages to have a particular type of food – salad diet, soup diet, juice diet, liquid diet, etc.
• It’s biased towards nutrients – low carbohydrate, low fat, high protein, high fiber diet, etc.
• Only fasting

Fad diets are restrictive in nature and promise great health and fast weight loss without emphasizing the tenure of this diet. It generally does not elaborate on the longtime maintenance plan even after you reach the desired weight.

Few common examples of fad diets are –

• Alkaline diet
• Detox diet
• Gluten-free diet – no matter you have gluten sensitivity or not
• Juice diet
• Paleolithic diet
• South beach diet
• Atkins diet
• Keto diet
• All diet pills, supplements, and herbal remedies

weight loss diet plan 3

Sustainability is the key

One simple question before adopting any mad or fad diet- can you do it rest of your life?
If your answer is “yes”, then just go for it. Give it a try. Because learning by doing ensure much more impact than just doing or learning. If you are adventurous and have enough resources (money/ time and energy) pick any of this fad diet and record your journey till the end. Not just the glorious first half. Then take your call.

But, if your answer is “no”, go ahead and start adopting a wholesome balanced nutritious diet without wasting any further time.
Start eating well-balanced simple and complex carbohydrate. Include rice, wheat, corn, millet, oats in the daily diet. Include proteins without overdoing it. Variety of pulses, legumes, sprouts, nuts, seeds, milk and milk products are fantastic sources to ensure protein in a vegetarian diet. Pay extra attention to the quality of fish, chicken, egg or meat. Try to pick the best quality. Add good fat as per your tradition. Feel free to add locally grown, seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Always choose the local variety to avoid an unnecessary load of pesticides. So stay away from all exotic and super expensive fruits and vegetables. Say straight NO to overeating and all packaged and processed foods. Less you will buy them, will experience fast fat loss. Have you ever noticed, no matter whichever fad diet you pick, none will tell you to indulge in processed food. So the best part is, even after having a lot of differences, one thing is common across and that says no to all packaged and processed junk foods- which probably include half of your pantry.

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Bottom Line-

So what is the best weight loss diet plan for you? Having no special plan is the best diet plan ever for your fat loss. Yes, shift your focus from weight loss to fat loss to a more sustainable impact.
Concentrate on being fitter than lighter. There is no quick fix for your long term health. The thumb rule of being healthy was, is and will be the same forever until the human race exists.
Good quality food, moderate eating, enough sleep, adequate activity, and exercise has no alternative. These are the cheapest rather priceless thing one can adopt for sure result.
No, I am not discouraging you for weight loss. You may need to lose a few kilos but wait and give the deserved time to your body to actually make it happen. The journey is time-consuming, a gradual process but remember the result is permanent.

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Dr. Soma Chakrabarty is based in Hyderabad. She has 15 yrs of working experience in nutrition. She guides people to modify eating behavior and achieve goals for wellness. She believes in a practical diet that helps people to live rather than survive.

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