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Angioplasty is one of the procedures performed to treat blocked blood vessels which supply blood to the heart. An increase in fatty plaques in blood vessels result in blockage of blood vessels.

In Angioplasty, an inflated Ballon or stent implant is used to widen the blocked blood vessels and improve blood flow. It’s a common notion that once angioplasty is done Heart Problem is fixed and one can get back to normal life. This is not at all true, one can lead a normal life after angioplasty only when a healthy diet and lifestyle is practiced.

Any kind of negligence towards diet and lifestyle will only end up with restenosis, narrowing of the already treated blood vessel, and many other heart-related complications. Following the Indian Diet plan for Angioplasty will help to maintain good heart health after the procedure.

Indian Diet After Angioplasty or Stent Implant

Indian Diet Plan immediately after Angioplasty/Stent Implant

Nutrition plays an important role in the recovery of the patient after angioplasty. The main goals of nutrition therapy after surgery are :

  • Promote Wound Healing.
  • Prevent Infection.
  • Provide adequate energy.
  • Preserve lean body mass.
  • Prevent Dehydration.

Along with nutritive food, proper hydration is very essential to recover fast after angioplasty.  After angioplasty, Clear liquids and a semi-solid diet are given to expel contrast liquid used in the procedure and regain energy. Once the patient is discharged to home and resume normal diet it becomes even more important to maintain heart health after Angioplasty.

Indian Diet After Angioplasty or Stent Implant 1

Indian diet plan to maintain good heart health after Angioplasty/Stent Implant

It is heartbreaking that people young as 30 years are undergoing angioplasty and still struggle to lead a healthy life later in life. With the increase of junk food outlets, food home delivery online apps, and sedentary lifestyles there is a rise in heart-related issues among Indians. When there are so much unhealthy options around us, it becomes very difficult to control our taste buds and falling into the trap of these junk foods. Remember all these habits have to lead to Angioplasty so never fall back to these options and turn to your kitchen for healthy options.

Difficult Yes, Impossible No!! 

The sky is the limit when you feel healthy inside out. So think of a beautiful travel destination, Fulfilling your dream and achieving goals to keep yourself motivated.

Indian Diet After Angioplasty or Stent Implant 2

Following the Indian diet Plan after Angioplasty will help in maintaining good heart health for the rest of the future.

What are the foods which can be included in the Normal Indian Diet Plan after Angioplasty? What are the foods to be avoided in the Indian Diet plan after Angioplasty? Is ghee safe to be consumed after angioplasty? Are eggs heart-friendly food after angioplasty?

If you have these questions please read the article till the end to find out the answers.

Let us understand the Indian diet plan to maintain good heart health after angioplasty in detail.

How Diet and Heart Health is related?

Diet has a bifactorial relationship with Heart Health. Firstly, it is related to the Heart in terms of Calories and secondly in terms of fat intake.

1. Eating too many calorie-rich foods than required will lead to Obesity as unused calories get stored as fat in the body. The extra amount of fat is not only stored in the body lining but the inner linings of blood vessels. Gradually, over time cholesterol increases in blood vessels leading to obstruction in blood flow.

2. Consuming foods which are rich in fats will raise blood cholesterol level abnormally and cause plaque formation in the blood vessels.

Thus, it becomes essential to pay attention to diet management after Angioplasty to avoid restenosis and preventing block formation.

Does this mean we should completely avoid Fat foods? should we follow the keto diet? Should we stop eating Carbohydrates?

The answer is Simple No. After angioplasty, you need a balanced food with all the food groups for a healthy heart and life.

At A Glance

  Foods that Provide Energy   Foods that provide Vitality               Helpful Foods

Our body requires all the above nutrients for growth, maintenance, and development. Without any one of the above nutrients our body cannot survive, but an excess of it can damage our health. Include best sources of food in moderation for a balanced and sustainable healthy life.

Indian Diet After Angioplasty or Stent Implant 4

The main goal of the Indian diet plan after Angioplasty is – Reducing the Cholesterol Levels & the possibility of plaque build-up to maintain good cardiovascular health. Include the following foods in your diet every day for safe and sound heart health.

1. Whole Grains

Complex carbohydrates present in whole grains will help in controlling blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Whole grains like parboiled rice, Wild Rice, Whole wheat atta, Daliya, Millets, Oats, and Rajgira can be a great source of complex carbohydrates along with fiber which can keep you full for longer.

Indian Diet After Angioplasty or Stent Implant 5

2. Sprouts and Legumes

Plant-based protein sources are a good source of protein and are low in fats. Include protein sources in all your meals and snack. Sprouts and legumes (Beans, Lentils, and Peas) can be safely included in your everyday diet. Have one serving of sprouts every day as they keep you full for a longer time and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Indian Diet After Angioplasty or Stent Implant 7

3. Healthy Heart Oils

Choose healthy oils like Mustard oil, sesame oil, Peanut Oil, Sesame Oil, Safflower Oil, sunflower oil, Olive Oil, and safflower oil. These oils are rich in unsaturated fatty acids which are good fats and protects heart health. No matter how healthy oils are only 3 teaspoons (15 ml) of oil /day is recommended after angioplasty. You can use 1 teaspoon of ghee /day in the diet. Keep rotating cooking oils once or twice a month.

Composition of Oils : Fatty Acid Composition (Approximate)

Indian Oil (100grams)

Saturated Fatty Acids (g)Mono Unsaturated Fatty Acids (g)Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (g)
Groundnut Oil




Mustard Oil




Palm Oil




Safflower Oil




Sesame Oil




Soyabean Oil




Sunflower Oil




Corn Oil




Olive Oil




Coconut Oil








Limiting the intake of Oils with high saturated fats and incorporating unsaturated fats in moderation will protect heart health after angioplasty. Though Coconut Oil and Ghee are high in saturated fatty acids, they are known to increase good cholesterol and thus can be included in moderation.

Practicing Oil Rotation every month will nourish the body with all kinds of healthy fats.

Indian Diet After Angioplasty or Stent Implant 8

4. Vegetables and Fruits

Fruits and Vegetables provide all essential Vitamins, Minerals, Antioxidants, and Fibre to our body. They boost energy levels by being low in calories. Vitamins and minerals play a vital role in forming an anti-inflammatory system and protect heart health. They also play a key role in various biochemical reactions of the cardiovascular system.

As soluble fiber passes through the small intestine it binds to bile acids and prevents them from being reabsorbed. To make more bile acids, the liver uses cholesterol that would otherwise be in the blood. The fiber also lowers the LDL cholesterol ( Bad Cholesterol) in the blood. Fiber helps in removing excess cholesterol through feces

Indian Diet After Angioplasty or Stent Implant 9

5. Nuts and Seeds

Handful overnight soaked nuts and Two teaspoons of seeds every day can improve overall health including HEART.

Nuts like Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Peanuts, Pecans, and Hazelnuts can be consumed. Seeds like Methi seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, and Flax seeds can be consumed. Seeds can be added to Salads, Dals, Curries, and Chapathis to increase the nutritive value.

Indian Diet After Angioplasty or Stent Implant 12

6. Diary, Poultry and Fish

Fish and Poultry foods like chicken and eggs can be consumed weekly thrice. When cooking go for healthier cooking methods like baking, poaching, and steaming.

A cup of Skimmed milk ( not more than 150 ml) can be taken per day.

Indian Diet After Angioplasty or Stent Implant 15

7. Freshly Brewed Indian Chai

Make a habit of including A cup of any of these – Indian Herbal Tea, Turmeric Tea, Ginger – Cinnamon Tea, or Green Tea. These tea are rich in flavonoids which can help in reducing inflammation and plaque build-up in arteries.

Indian Diet After Angioplasty or Stent Implant 17

8.Drink Plenty Of water

Drinking enough water will help your body to flush out toxins regularly. There are many other health benefits are associated with drinking plain water.

Indian Diet After Angioplasty or Stent Implant 67
Indian foods to be included after Angioplasty/ Do’s after AngioplastyIndian foods to be excluded after Angioplasty/Don’ts after Angioplasty
Whole Grains : Parboiled Rice, Wild Rice, Whole Wheat, Barley, Oats (steel cut/rolled), Millets, Makki flour, Rajgira, and Kuttu. All these food control blood sugar levels and reduce blood cholesterol.Refined and ultra processed Foods like Maida and its products.
Nuts like Almonds, Peecans, Peanuts, Walnuts, and Pistachios.Food high in Salt and Sugar , usually present in packaged foods like ready to eat foods, Biscuits, Namkeens, pickles, sauces, Jams etc.
Sprouts  and Legumes ( Beans,Peas and Lentils)Pastries and deep fried Indian deserts like Gujiya, Jalebi etc.
Oils for cooking – Mustard oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, Sunflower oil, Olive oil and Safflower Oil.High Fat foods like Chips, Pappads, breakfast cereals, cakes, pasteries, sausages, rolls, pies, Puri and Pakoras.
Vegetables – Carrots,Cauliflower , Brocolli,  Beetroots, Green leafy vegetables, Water-rich vegetables like Lauki, Turai, snake gourd, Pumpkin, Ash gourd, etc.


Fruits – Oranges, Papaya, Apples, Melons.

Caffienated and Alcoholic Beverages
Fish , Chicken and Eggs  
Hydration – Water, Chaas, Soups and Vegetable juices. 

Let us see in detail foods that should be included in moderation and foods which can be included liberally after angioplasty in your diet.

Foods to be avoid after AngioplastyFoods to be included in prescribed amountsFoods to be Allowed Liberally
Full Cream Milk or Concentrated milk, Mawa preparations like rabdi,Burfi, Pedha, etc, Milk Cream, ice – cream, rich puddings, processed cheese.Skimmed milk , Home made Paneer and Ghee (1 tsp/day).Leafy Vegetables – Bathua ka saag, palak,Patta gobhi ka saag , Cholai ka saag, Gajar ka saag, Arbi ka saag, Sajjan ki phalli, Methi ka saag, Salad ka Patta, Pudina, Sarson ka saag
Fried and oily preparations like bhajiyas ,pakodas, farsan,batatawadas etcVegetable Oils – Mustard oil, Groundnut Oil, Soya bean oil, Sesame Oil, Safflower oil, Sunflower Oil, Rice bran oil etc.Garlic, Ginger, Carrots, White radish, Onions
Fatty red meat cuts, organ meat such as liver, kidney, brain etc.


All type of processed meats like Ham, Bacon etc

Lean White meats, Egg whites, Egg (whole)- weekly thrice only.Beans, Baingan, khi,French beans, Kamal gatta, Parwal, Kaddu, Bhindi, Tinda, Tomatoes, Ghia or lauki,Torai, Capsicum, Kakri, Mushrooms
Shell fish like prawns, lobsters,oyesters, shrimps, etc and oily fish like sardines.Sugar, Jaggery,SaltPuffed Rice and Rice flakes


(Murmura and poha)

Alcohol and Alcoholic beverages


Soft Drinks

Carbonated Drinks

Root Vegetables – Yam, Potato, Sweet Potato, Yam, Beet Root, Pink Radish, etc.Bengal gram (whole and roasted), Black gram dal, Lobia, Moong dal (split and whole), Masoor dal, Toor dal, Matar , Rajmah, Arhar dal, soybeans.
Animal Fats like Butter and Cheese


Vegetable Oils like Palm oil, Vanaspati oil, Coconut Oil and margarine.

Fruits – Ripened Banana, Mango, Seetaphal 
Sauces and oil based dressingsBrown and white Rice, Vermicilli, Bajra, jowar, Makkai, Dry Peas ,


Thick Dals

High Salted Foods like packaged Namkeens, Ready to eat foods, High salted Pickles, Canned Foods.Buttermilk , Tea and Coffee (Not more than 1 glass/1 Cup per day) 
Bakery Products like Cakes, Pastries,Nankhatai, sweet & Salted biscuits, Crea, Biscuits, Maida based Puffs and sandwiches, Double Roti (Breads) etcCurd or Yoghurt (Home made) – 1 cup/day 
 Coffee or Tea – 1 cup (150ml) per day. If its green tea or black tea or balls coffee – 2 cups a day . 
 Nuts – Almonds, Walnuts, Peecans,  Pistachios and Hazelnuts.


Seeds – Flax seeds, kaddu ke beej, kharbooj ke beej, Methi ke beej

Indian Diet After Angioplasty or Stent Implant 88

Let us see some healthy Indian Breakfast, Indian Lunch/Dinner, Indian Snacks, and Indian Beverages that can be consumed safely after Angioplasty

Indian Breakfast Ideas after AngioplastyIndian Lunch/Dinner ideas after AngioplastyIndian Beverage ideas after AngioplastyIndian Snack Ideas after Angioplasty
Vegetable shredded Idli/dosa/Multigrain Dosa ( 1 or 2 )


with Vegetable Chutneys like Tomato chutney, garlic – ginger chutney, Flax seed chutney, onion chutney or vegetable Sambhar

1 Bowl fresh (Raw/steamed) vegetable salad ( Carrots, Tomatoes, Cucumber)



2 Roti (Whole wheat/Jowar/Multigrain) without oil or 1 bowl brown parboiled rice


1 katori vegetable curry with less or no oil


1 Bowl Dal

Vegetable Juices like Carrot Juice, Beet Root Juices,Spinach Juice and bottle gourd Juice Fruits – Have a fresh and seasonal fruit bowl twice a day.


Cut vegetable salads

Pesserattu (Green Moong dal dosa) – 1 with less or no oil with ginger chutney1 bowl fresh salad



Roti or rice with chicken or fish curry (100 grams) with no invisible fats like cashew or poppy seeds gravy etc

ButtermilkMixed Vegetable soups and Tomato Soup



Chicken Soup


Mushroom or Broccoli soup

Vegetable Poha1 bowl fresh salad + Roti /Rice with Egg curryTurmeric milkCorn and paneer Salad
Vegetable Daliya Upma1 bowl fresh salad


+ Bisibele Baath

Green Tea or Indian Herbal TeaMuri
Oats Porridge/Upma/Cheela1 bowl fresh salad



Paneer and vegetable cutlets or Vegetable Dal kababs.

Ragi Malt


Sattu Drink

Poha chivda
Vegetable stuffed Paratha with less or no oil along with Curd. -11 bowl fresh salad



Multigrain Chapati/Jowar roti/ Bajra roti with vegetable curry + dal + Raita

Lemon Juice Phool Makhana
Moong Dal Cheela or Besan ka Cheela – 1Oats Dalia and saladAmla ShotHandful of overnight soaked Nuts
 Foxtail Millet Khichdi and Salad.JaljeeraMixed Seeds chikki
  Papaya Thandai 


Tips to maintain a healthy heart after Angioplasty

  • Always start your day with a glass of warm water along with Turmeric/Cinnamon/Ginger/Lemon in it.
  • Chewing 4-5 raw garlic pods on empty stomach has proven healthy for the heart.
  • Add flax seeds and methi seeds in your salads and curries/Dals.
  • Drink 3 liters of water every day.
  • Follow strictly low fat and low sodium diet. Completely avoid the foods which are listed under foods to exclude in table 1 of this article.
  • Stop Alcohol, Smoking, and Gutka.
  • Have small and distributed meals throughout the day. Keep yourself well hydrated as it helps in expelling toxins from the body regularly.
  • Finish your dinner early by 8 PM. Give a gap of 2 courses between a meal and sleep.
  • Eat your meals slowly, gulping food is bad for digestion. Nutrients beneficial for the heart will not be absorbed properly.
  • Include a good portion of vegetables and fruits which are Seasonal and Locally grown.
  • Practice Yoga and Meditation for a stress-free life.
  • Be active and have a physical activity 5 days a week – walking, cycling, or gym. For intense cardio always take advice from your doctor and proceed.
  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Indulge in hobbies like singing, painting, dancing, playing instruments, etc once or twice a week amidst your busy schedule.
  • Always consult a qualified nutritionist for a tailored made diet plan for you. They will make meal planning for you hassle free.
  • Keep your knowledge regarding heart health updated from time to time as knowledge is power and Correct knowledge will keep you away from FAD diets and other fake health advertisements.
Indian Diet After Angioplasty or Stent Implant 57



Getting Angioplasty done is not the end of Heart Problems. If proper diet management is not followed after angioplasty it will lead to Restenosis and many more complications. Paying extra attention to diet after Angioplasty is mandatory.

Follow the Indian Diet plan after Angioplasty to keep your heart healthy and have a long & happy life. Include Whole grains, Low-fat Protein. Healthy Fats, a Good portion of vegetables and fruits in your diet for the proper functioning of the heart after Angioplasty. Along with diet have an active and healthy lifestyle for good heart health. Make these changes and see your heart smiling!!

References ( Retrieved on 1-2-2021)



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Akhila holds a Post graduate diploma in clinical nutrition and dietetics from Apollo health education and research foundation. She is into this field since a year.She worked as an intern at Apollo hospitals, Hyderabad. She is trained in both inpatient and outpatient dietetics department. She did nutritional assessment, diet planning and clinical counselling for individuals with Hypothy-roid, Diabetic mellitus, Hypertension and kidney dysfunctions at outpatient department in Apollo. Akhila was into agricultural biotechnology but destiny had different plans and her strong passion towards nutrition and food sciences got her into clinical nutrition field. Having a strong background in biochemistry and human genetics she acquired a deep knowledge in the statistics specific to whole body macronutrient and micronutrient metabolism and its relation to metabolic diseas-es.Coming from agricultural background she did research on how organic foods are beneficial than conventionally grown counterparts in terms of nutrients such as antioxidants.She always motivates to encourage locally grown food for better health. She doesn’t encourage usage of supplements and crash diets. She believes the blend of traditional food wisdom and modern nutritional science is necessary for healthy body and mind. She em-phasises more on health gain than just loosing weight.This can only be possible by Sustainable diets.She is all happy in to help her clients who are ready to lead healthy, happy and nourishing life through Wellness munch!

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