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I got many feedbacks from my last article. There I found a common question that is – How to know when to lose weight and when to gain. I got this because many users are confused that they should go for a Fat Loss program or Size Gain Program. I have a very technical answer to this so this list of FAQs will be short but an informative one. A simple answer to this is another question. Do you know your Body Mass Index (BMI)? Some of you may be familiar with this and you are welcome to skip.

Body Mass Index (BMI) 2

What is Body Mass Index (BMI) ?

Body Mass Index is a value calculated from the height and weight of an adult. The unit of this is KG per Meter Square. It is the standard value which decides whether you are underweight or overweight.

How to calculate Body Mass Index(BMI)?

First, find your weight in Kilogram. Secondly convert your height into meters like if you measure your height in inches, Google will be happy to convert inches into meters. After completing this, simply divide your weight with the square value of your height in meters.
BMI = Weight in KG/square of (Height in Meters)

Okay, lets take an example

suppose your height is 5’7” and weight is 70 kg

Step 1- translate your height into inch which is 67 (5*12 +7) in this case

Step 2- convert inch to cm which is 170.18 (67*2.54) here

Step 3 – convert cm to meter which is 1.70 in this example

Step 4 – make it m2 which is 2.89 in this case

Step 5 – now apply the formula- weight in kg/ height in m2 , so here the answer will be 24.22 (70/2.89)

What is the significance of Body Mass Index(BMI) values?

You should not be worried if your BMI value comes within 18.5 to 24.9 after applying the above formula. If it falls below 18.5 then you are possibly an underweight person. If it is more than 25 then you are an overweight person. You should be worried if it is way beyond 30. Because then you fall under the Obese category. For reference, follow this chart.

Body Mass Index (BMI) 1

How to control the Body Mass Index(BMI) values?

The first method is to control your calorie consumption. Wellness Munch has numerous articles about this, so to incorporate a proper diet plan will be easy for you. You must build some healthy habits too. Make a diet and workout plan for yourself, set a goal and devote your time to achieve that goal. I have mentioned few techniques below that can boost your results.

Body Mass Index (BMI) < 18

In this case, you should increase your calorie intake. Along with this, you should follow some minimal Yoga program to keep up with your diet.

Body Mass Index (BMI) > 25

In this case, you should moderate your calorie intake. A cutting of 250-300 calories will be enough. Along with this, you should do cardio exercises like running, swimming, rope skipping, HIIT, etc. A 20-minutes cardio workout plan will do wonders.

Body Mass Index (BMI) > 30

If you are in the obese category, then calorie cutting alone will not be enough. Early morning empty stomach cardio exercises should also be incorporated in your training plan. This will surely help you to lose a huge amount of fat.

Body Mass Index(BMI) > 18.5 and Body Mass Index(BMI)< 24.9

In this case, you have a well-maintained body. I have no suggestions for a proper diet plan, but keep your healthy habits intact. As wellness munch always mention moderation is the key. You can include a 15-minute exercise plan in your routine. This will help you to maintain weight and a healthy lifestyle. For this I recommend HIIT. High-Intensity Interval Training.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is not accurate

Yes, you are right. The biggest flaws of BMI is that it only considers height and weight and does not consider the fat percentage or any health issues. But you have to agree that it is the simplest way to get at least an idea of where do you stand. It does not require any machinery support (read body composition analyzer -BCA) to give you an approximate idea of your body condition.
But if you manage to get access to BCA, definitely go for the accurate measurement.

Bottom Line-

Stop getting depressed standing in front of the mirror. You have better things to do. As a beginner, calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) and take needful action. Remember, smart eating, adequate activity/ exercise, deep sleep and stress control are the four pillars to achieve your dream health. So don’t wait for the perfect day as that day is today.


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