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Have you heard of HIIT workout? If you are a fitness enthusiast, then you must have. Do you often get confused about what to do- cardio exercise or HIIT workout or both? 

HIIT workout

Cardio Exercises are meant for increasing your Cardio Vascular Health. There are many forms of cardio exercises, if you do a google search, you will eventually find out. Cycling, Swimming, Running, these are a common form of Cardio Exercise and when performed for a span of 20 minutes, it can give you results. Many of us follow a separate cardio routine with our exercises. Interestingly, I am not writing this to discuss the benefits of Cardio Exercises. I am supposed to tell you a separate form of Cardio which is called HIIT. When you hit a plateau by doing cardio exercises and not reaching your fat loss goal, then HIIT can be the solution. I suggest you leave cardio aside and adopt this into your program. I tried this and trust me I got results within a month. Let me tell you why you should also try.

What is HIIT workout and why is it important?

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. This is a special type of cardio exercises where the intensity reaches an optimum level and there is a time gap for recovery. HIIT increases your blood flow, heart rate, metabolism, fitness level and other parameters related to your body fitness. It increases mental health also. On the contrary, it reduces your body fat levels, diabetic problems, inflammation, muscle stiffness. Overall it balances your body. Studies suggested that it has a good impact on your physiological and psychological conditions

How to adopt HIIT workout ?

If you are thinking that you have to invest a lot of time for this, then let me tell you that you are wrong. To incorporate HIIT in your exercise routine, you have to add 3 to 10 minutes of your time. The beauty of a HIIT routine is it consists of 4 to 5 types of cardio exercises back to back. It is followed by many athletes like soccer players and cricketers. Unlike a regular gym routine, I can give you a 30 days routine which you can follow. These routines are developed by Darebee. You can check their website, they have many forms of HIIT routines. Darebee routines are flexible and you can perform those at your home. You can download a 30-Day program here.. Go through the program first, then see how it can fit in your schedule.

HIIT workout 1

How to track your results?

Before starting a 30-Day challenge (Challenge is the best word to describe this because this can push you to your limits), measure your weight and body fat if possible. There are many tools available in Amazon to measure body fat percentage. After completion of 15 days, check the same and note it somewhere. Then after 30 days, do a final check. I am sure you will end up losing a good amount of fat from your body.

How about doing cardio and HIIT workout same day?

Relax. I know that you are looking for a fast result. Don’t over-strain your body. This will not bring any additional benefit. Rather stick your exercise routine for the long run. Take the 30 days challenge first and then try a comparatively difficult set next month. Remember slow and steady win the race.

Points to keep in mind

  • If you are a heart patient, then this routine is not for you.
  • Perform the exercises with the same intensity that is mentioned in the routine.
  • Interval time is necessary, do not skip that. It is the recovery time of your body.
  • Perform the exercises in an empty stomach if fat loss is your goal
  • If you are a gym goer and want to try this, then perform this after your weight training
  • The rest period is very crucial, 2 days rest per week will work best. In that case, the routine will not be completed within 30 days but that’s absolutely fine.
  • During this program, do not indulge yourself in another form of cardio exercises. You don’t need that.


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HIIT Workout 2

Bottom Line-

Doing HIIT workout irregularly is not going to fetch the result you are looking for. So stay focused and keep doing. Adopt a sustainable lifestyle. Eat clean and balanced food. No. you don’t have to visit health store for that. Eat as per the season and locally available foods. Eat only home cooked food as much as possible. Say no to all kind of packaged and processed foods- no matter how healthy they claim. Work on your sleep cycle. Sleep deep because sleep quality matters to keep your hormones in balance. And finally, try hard to cut your stress level. 

Now start doing HIIT exercise, if you get results, then share that with us. We will be happy to share your story with our subscribers.

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